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This is a book about Minnesota. It’s not the usual tourism hype about Paul Bunyan or the best bed-and-breakfasts. It’s about the fabric of the state, its constant investment in the arts, its dedication to the environment, its balanced economy, its educational attainment and, above all, its water. Water. In a world short of water.


If you are from Minnesota, send this to an out-of-state friend to explain why you put up with about 50 stinky days a year.


If you are not a Minnesotan, come join us. We are the state of the future.


And we are less than 2% of the nation’s population.

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Did you know?

These 500-plus rankings and facts will surprise even the most well-read Minnesotans.


Minnesota is home to:


The largest Hindu and Buddhist temples in the nation.


The quietest place on Earth.


The largest sports complex in the world.


The least likely place in the world for an earthquake.


The safest drivers in the nation.


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“Minnesotans are brought up to be self-effacing and sheepish and hangdog about our state—it’s the curse of Lutheranism—and finally Lee Lynch has broken through this plywood ceiling and come right out and shown how terrific we are. This is a far, far better book than I could have written.”

— Garrison Keillor, graduate of Anoka High School