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I was motivated to write this book when my wife, Terry Saario, and I were independently trying to recruit individuals for senior executive positions in the Twin Cities. I was trying to recruit someone from London and she was hoping to attract a New Yorker. In both cases, they asked for information about life in the Twin Cities.


We thought such information was readily available. Local governments, chambers of commerce, and corporations all had some information, but it tended to be superficial. None conveyed the depth and breadth of how rich life in Minnesota actually is. We then realized that, true to Minnesota’s spirit, no one had told the real story of Amazing Minnesota.


I decided to compile a more comprehensive description of life in Minnesota. I began to rank the state and the Twin Cities on almost every dimension of life. How do we compare against other states or localities? What are some unusual facts even locals don’t know that would help describe our amazing state?

“Must reading for every CEO recruiting to Minnesota. Eminently readable and delightful.”

— Arne H. Carlson, former governor of Minnesota

“This book capsulizes why I’m proud to call Minnesota home.”

— Alan Page, retired justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court and
Hall of Fame Minnesota Viking

“Lee Lynch has created a gift we’ve all been waiting for … This beautifully designed book will alter the perception of Minnesota more than anything that’s come along in decades.”

— Mark Ritchie, leader of Minnesota’s bid to host the 2023 World’s Fair and former Minnesota secretary of state

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New Book Reveals All that is Amazing in Minnesota

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